Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 9
Energy Consumption, Emissions,
Water Consumption, Waste
Management, Biodiversity
Our People
Occupational Health & Safety,
Employee Wellbeing, Mentoring,
Training & Development, Culture
& Diversity Inclusion
Job Creation & Entrepreneurial
Support, Education & Mentoring,
Civic Contribution, Charitable
Donations & Volunteering, Arts &
Culture, Residential Infrastructure
Economic Value Generated,
Employment Creation, Support
of other participants in the
Marketplace such as start-up
retail technology businesses
The sustainability issues identified by our Stakeholder Engagement
program and our materiality review process are the main focus of this
report. The areas covered in this report are those categorised as being
of greatest relevance to both our business and stakeholders. We identified
these areas to be the following:
Action Areas