Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 11
Retail Shareholders
We have dedicated resources in our
corporate head office responsible
for responding to retail shareholder
questions and feedback. We also
communicate regularly with our
retail shareholders via our website,
email, mail-outs and at our Annual
General Meeting, which provides retail
shareholders an opportunity to ask
questions and share feedback directly
to the Chairman, Board and Co-CEOs.
Institutional Shareholders
Our senior executives and investor
relations team across Australia, the
United States and United Kingdom
are available to answer questions
and receive feedback from our
institutional shareholders. We also
meet institutional investors on a
regular basis as part of our:
Post financial results road shows;
Investor briefing sessions;
Site tours; and
Regular meetings on an ‘as
requested’ basis throughout
the year.
Investment Analysts
Investment Analysts are invited to
attend our half year and full year
results briefings (via webcast) during
which they are invited to ask questions
of our Co-CEOs, CFO and President/
COO. These briefings are available
to all shareholders to listen to live or
on replay via a webcast. We also host
specific Investment Analyst sessions
immediately following each results
Our “Continuous Disclosure & Communications Policy” includes a vetting
and authorisation process to ensure all disclosures to shareholders are timely,
factual and do not omit material matters. We provide half year and full year
financial results updates in August and February along with first and third quarter
operational updates in May and November every year.
Continuous Disclosure & Communications Policy:
Results Centre:
Annual Financial Reports:
Each of our centres has a strong
retailer relations program consistent
to which Westfield Corporation team
members obtain direct feedback
from retailers during face-to-face
meetings throughout the year.
We also communicate regularly with
retailers via our centre management
teams, E-Blasts, memos and in
the United Kingdom via regular
newsletters and retailer intranet
facilities. Our Westfield Retailer
Intranet app which we launched in
the UK in 2016 continues to serve
as an effective communication
and engagement tool for centre
management and retailers to
communicate seamlessly.
In the US we have a retailer
relations program dedicated to
supporting our retail partners
through various channels including
marketing, networking initiatives and
one on one advisement. As part of
this program Westfield continues to
position itself as an industry thought
leader by participating in industry
forums and events, and by hosting
events, dinners and roundtables
for our retailer and brand partners
in New York, Los Angeles and San
Diego around various topics such as
health and wellness and community
Shoppers provide us with their
feedback through our Concierge
teams in various ways including
face-to-face contact, email, our
“Answers On The Spot” text program
and Web chat and through a broad
range of online platforms such as
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Through various digital and online
channels, we proactively connect
with more than 7.5 million shoppers
each week.
Westfield also produces “How We
Shop Now” trend reports through
collating and analysing quantitative
research as part of our ongoing
commitment to creating the best
retail experiences in the world, by
understanding what our shoppers
want and what our retailers need
to do to stay ahead of the evolving
world of retail.
“How we Shop Now” trend reports:
We place great value on facilitating
a two-way dialogue with our
employees both formally (through
our “Open Door Policy”, for example)
and informally.
We encourage direct feedback
through our employee engagement
surveys, intra-portal, regular