Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 12
professional development and
performance reviews, face-to-face
meetings, whistleblower protections
and via email. Additionally, a weekly
newsletter, “Westfield Connected”,
motivates staff to share their stories
and keeps them updated with relevant
company news.
A summary of our Whistleblower Policy
can be found at:
Joint Venture Partners
Our operations team have dedicated
team members who are responsible
for ongoing communication and liaison
with our JV partners. These teams
engage on a regular basis with our
JV partners including responding to
questionnaires about assets in which
we have shared interests.
Several of our JV partners
independently participate in
sustainability surveys such as GRESB
and our executive team works closely
with them to ensure transparency of
information and data sharing in relation
to the centres we jointly own.
All of our developments are subject to
public review and approvals. Each of
our centres and development projects
undertake Community Engagement
programs and initiatives designed
specifically to reflect the character
and needs of the local communities
in which Westfield operates.
Our Community Engagement
programs involve proactive
engagement with city leaders, local,
regional and national entities such
as law enforcement and public
safety officials, transport authorities,
road and traffic bureaus, councils,
planning and parks authorities,
local business groups, chambers of
commerce, schools, libraries, charities,
neighbourhood groups, homeowners
associations and philanthropic
Key components of our Community
Engagement programs include
(subject to specific jurisdictional
requirements of each centre)
discussions and collaboration
on matters such as development
and redevelopment reviews and
approvals, bio-diversity programs,
energy and water conservation, waste
management, pollution controls, storm
water and erosion management, local
job creation, job training initiatives,
support for local schools and charities,
security and safety issues, traffic
management and transportation
Westfield Corporation is committed
to ensuring that all necessary laws,
regulations, rules and agreements
are complied with when engaging
In the United States, our suppliers are
engaged based on a tender process
during which we assess their ability
to perform a defined scope of work,
their ability to comply with the 2013
California Green Building Standards
Code (if applicable) and their ability to
meet our Sustainability Design Criteria.
We also undertake reference checks of
suppliers we engage.
As per the US co-employment laws,
we cannot direct suppliers on their
employment practices or work rules.
However, we do insist that each supply
contract contains an obligation on
suppliers to comply with applicable
laws and regulations.
Cleaning is the largest area of
procurement for our business in the
US. This sector is unionised and has
Collective Bargaining Agreements in
place. We require our suppliers in this
sector to comply with the applicable
Collective Bargaining Agreement in
each location.
In the United Kingdom, we have
developed a pre-qualification supplier
questionnaire which includes
sustainability criteria and health and
safety requirements. We also conduct
regular performance review meetings
to monitor that key suppliers are
meeting their contractual KPIs. Our
Development, Design and Construction
team require suppliers to satisfy a
sustainability scoring threshold.
We are also a supporter of Citizen
UK’s London Living Wage Initiative.
An overview of our statement on
Modern Slavery can be found at: