Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 15
Westfield Corporation operates a vertically integrated business, pursuant
to which we control the full life cycle of our assets – from funding through
to design, construction, operation and redevelopment. Our business model
is designed to ensure we incorporate innovation, technology, processes
and procedures into each life cycle phase that enables us to minimise our
environmental impact and ensure the long term sustainability of our assets.
We take a holistic approach to our environmental impact and have identified
the following environmental areas as significant to our business:
Energy consumption
Greenhouse gas emissions
Water consumption
Waste management
We track our environmental footprint across these four areas and continually
look for opportunities to improve our performance. There may be additional
environmental issues that are of concern at a regional or site-specific level
in a particular period, which we report on as and when they arise.
Westfield Corporation
received an award
for “Most improved
performance: Climate
Change” at CDP’s 2017
Australia and New
Zealand Awards
Westfield Stratford City centre
certified as BREEAM Excellent,
ISO 14001 since 2013
Westfield London centre certified
as BREEAM Very Good,
ISO14001 since 2015
Westfield London Phase 2 has
an ‘in progress’ certification of
BREEAM New Construction
Westfield Milan has an ‘in
progress’ certification of BREEAM
New Construction
ESG Rating increased from 3/5
in 2016 to 3.6/5 in 2017, scoring
in the top 92nd percentile for the
Real Estate ICB Supersector.
The Village at
Westfield Topanga was
recognised by ICSC with
a 2017 "Sustainability
Commendation" for its
suite of enhancements
designed to protect the
Westfield Corporation
received a “Green
Star” from GRESB in
2017, increasing our
score from 59/100 in
2016 to 76/100 in 2017.
The “Green Star” is
GRESB’s highest award