Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 16
Greenmarket at Oculus Plaza
Our major environmental performance
achievements in 2017 include:
8% decrease in Scope 2 emissions
25% decrease in total electricity consumption
8% reduction in our total energy consumption
7% reduction in total water consumption by our
United Kingdom day-to-day operations
100% diversion of solid waste from landfills by
our United Kingdom operations
3% decrease in solid waste going to landfill by our
United States operations
100% of non-hazardous waste generated by our
United Kingdom day-to-day operations
was recycled (87%) or recovered for energy (13%)
There have been significant
changes to the Westfield
Corporation portfolio over the period
2014 to 2017 and this has inevitably
impacted our environmental
performance, making year-on-year
comparisons difficult. Westfield
Corporation was created in July
2014 to own and operate the
US, UK and European assets of
Westfield Group (our predecessor
entity). Westfield Group’s Australian
and New Zealand assets were
transferred to Scentre Group.
In November and December 2015
Westfield Corporation divested six
of its US centres, thereby reducing
its portfolio from 40 centres to 34.
Over the 2015 and 2016 period
construction on a number of major
development projects commenced
and two new developments were
launched (‘The Village’ at Westfield
Topanga in September 2015 and
Westfield World Trade Centre in
August 2016).
To more fully explain how our
environmental impacts changed
from 2016 to 2017, we have
included in this Report an additional
look into our emissions (Scope 1
and 2), energy (direct and indirect),
and water on a “Like-for-Like”
basis. This analysis compares
the impacts of only day-to-day
operations associated with the sites
that we had operational control of
for six months or more in both 2016
and 2017.