Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 19
US LED Project Case Study
Improving the energy efficiency of lighting fixtures
across US locations is one of the primary ways in
which Westfield Corporation reduces its Total Indirect
Energy Consumption and Scope 2 emissions.
As part of Westfield Corporation’s LED Upgrade
Program, we completed a total of 38 LED projects in
2017, including 17 “back-of-house”, 18 exterior and 3
interior lighting improvements. These projects saved
an estimated 17,390 megawatt hours (MWh). This
eliminates roughly 8,880 metric tonnes of carbon
dioxide from a GHG savings perspective.
In addition to these completed projects, Westfield
Corporation has nine LED projects expected to
be completed in 2018 and 2019. These planned
projects are estimated to save 6,520 MWh per year
(equivalent to over 3,000 metric tonnes of carbon
dioxide). Through our LED Upgrade Program, we
continue to look for opportunities to improve energy
efficiency and reduce operational costs. Therefore,
our team is currently evaluating an additional 19
LED projects that could save over 4,470 MWh of
electricity per year (equivalent to over 2,000 metric
tonnes of carbon dioxide).
Project Status LED Project
Number of
Locations Annual MWh
Completed in 2017 Back-of-
17 Annapolis, Brandon, Century City, Citrus Park, Countryside, Culver City, Fashion Square, Galleria at Roseville, Garden State, Meriden, Mission
Valley, Old Orchard, Sunrise, Trumbull, UTC, Valencia, Valley Fair
Completed in 2017 Exterior 18 Annapolis, Century City, Citrus Park, Culver City, Fashion Square, Garden State, Mission Valley, Montgomery, North County, Oakridge, Old
Orchard, Palm Desert, Plaza Bonita, Santa Anita, Sunrise, Topanga, UTC, Valley Fair
Completed in 2017 Interior 3Fashion Square, North County, South Shore 690
Planned for 2018 Back-of-
2 Palm Desert, Santa Anita 210
Planned for 2018 Exterior 2 Palm Desert, Valencia 2,290
Planned for 2018 Interior 2 Culver City, Palm Desert 990
Planned for 2019 Exterior 2 Culver City, Old Orchard 2,430
Planned for 2019 Interior 1 Palm Desert 600
Evaluating Back-of-
7 Montgomery, Oakridge, Sarasota, Siesta Key, South Center, Wheaton, World Trade +130
Evaluating Exterior 8Fashion Square, Garden State, Horton Plaza, Mission Valley, South Center, Trumbull, Valencia +3,070
Evaluating Interior 4Fashion Square, Garden State, Montgomery, Valencia +1,270
Estimated Total MWh Savings (including projects completed in 2017, bugeted for 2018 and 2019, and under evaluation) +28,380