Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 22
Property Highlight: Topanga LED Lighting and Solar Installation Projects
As part of Westfield Corporation’s Solar Installation
Program, Westfield Topanga (located in Canoga Park,
California) expanded its annual solar capacity since its first
installation in 2012, which was 620 kilowatts (kW). Due to
the recent ongoing solar panel expansion project covering
the top level of the mall’s parking structure, the total solar
capacity of Topanga is expected to be greater than 2,570
kW by March 2018, nearly a sixfold increase from the Phase
1 installation. In 2017, the total solar production at Topanga
was above 1 million kWh. Since 2012, solar production has
totaled more than 6.3 million kWh, with an annual average
of 1,064,860 kWh. Following completion of the Phase 2
installation in 2018, the annual solar production is expected
to be 4.1 million kWh, a 285% increase from the annual
average for 2012-2017. The expansion of solar capacity
and production at malls such as Topanga have substantially
increased over the last few years due to the growth and
improvements to the Solar Installation Program.
An example of one major LED lighting project was
completed in April 2017 also at Westfield Topanga. In
the Topanga mall parking lots, 183 lighting fixtures were
replaced to improve energy efficiency. The existing
fixtures were all 750 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide and
the new fixtures were all 223 Watt LED. In addition to the
replacements in the parking lots, 1,429 lighting fixtures
were replaced across three mall parking garages. One
existing garage had 175 Watt Metal Halide fixtures, while
the other two had 250 Watt Metal Halide fixtures. In all three
parking garages, new 75 Watt LED fixtures were installed.
All new LED fixtures in the parking garages had built in
programmable controls for dimming, occupancy control and
photo controls. For these LED projects, all required plans,
permits and CA Title 24 Commissioning and Certification
were obtained to follow all local regulations.
The cumulative annual savings of these projects totaled
approximately 2,180 megawatt hours (MWh). In addition,
this project contributed to significant cost savings and return
on investment.
In light of the success of this project along with others
completed in 2017, we have plans to roll-out LED lighting
to an additional nine sites in 2018 and 2019, and several
others are in the pipeline for evaluation.
>1 million kWh produced in 2017
(Phase 1)
Total of 2,570 kW solar capacity after
Phase 2 completed (March 2018) -
sixfold increase from Phase 1
Phase 1 + Phase 2 expected to
produce 4.1 million kWh/year -
a 285% increase from 2012-2017