Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 29
Westfield Corporation is committed to respecting and promoting
biodiversity. We recognize that our centres are spaces where people of all
ages and backgrounds come together. In all of our centres, we adhere to
all relevant planning, construction, and building codes and regulations and
it is our policy in the UK to only develop brownfield sites.
As per our Group Environmental Policy, we aim to “protect and enhance
local biodiversity”. This is just one of seven environmental goals which
we have established to be implemented throughout the business and
in partnership with stakeholders. In previous reports, we outlined the
biodiversity program that we have implemented at Westfield Stratford City.
In this year’s report, we are pleased to report on further enhancements
and expansion of the Westfield Stratford City biodiversity program in
collaboration with Urban Planters.
In 2017, as part of the Stratford
City’s biodiversity program, we
developed educational signage to
highlight and promote the distinct
landscaping provided by Urban
Planters. The signage was designed
to educate customers on not only
the plant species in each planter,
but to open their eyes to the “insect
hotels” accompanying the planters.
Together, these features create an
ecosystem that operates within and
around the centre. The planters hold
over 80 different species of plants
that cover over 350 square meters
(sqm) around the mall.
In addition, the mall includes
approximately 150 sqm of living
walls and living towers that hold
over 7,500 individual plants of
more than 20 plant species. The
horizontal and vertical display of
biodiversity is topped with Stratford
City’s biodiverse roof area that
includes over 90 different wild plant
species, bird boxes, and designed
habitats for animals. Our continued
investment into biodiversity
programs allow customers to
engage and learn about natural
systems while enjoying the comforts
of the centre.
Westfield Stratford City