Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 34
Westfield UK Senior Managers Day
Westfield recognises that modern
slavery is a crime and a violation of
fundamental human rights and is
committed to understanding modern
slavery risks. We are taking steps to
ensure that modern slavery is not
taking place anywhere in our
business by implementing and
enforcing effective systems and
As such, Westfield has developed a
policy designed to outline the impact
of the Modern Slavery Act 2015,
an act introduced to fight modern
slavery, ensure perpetrators receive
suitably severe punishment for their
crimes, and to enhance support and
protection for victims.
In compliance with the Modern
Slavery Act 2015, Westfield is
committed to ensuring there is
transparency in our own business
and in our approach to tackling
modern slavery throughout our
supply chains. We will require those
in charge of contracts requiring the
use of large number of temporary
workers, or who employ many
contractors directly, receive
adequate training and guidance
on modern slavery and the steps
Westfield proposes to combat it.
We expect the same high standards
from all of our contractors, suppliers
and other business partners, and as
part of our contracting processes,
we will include specific prohibitions
against the use of forced,
compulsory or trafficked labour, or
anyone held in slavery or servitude,
whether adults or children, and we
expect that our suppliers will hold
their own suppliers to the same high
Westfield’s zero-tolerance
approach to modern slavery must
be communicated to all suppliers,
contractors and business partners
at the outset of any business
relationship with them, and must
continue to be reinforced thereafter.