Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 37
Training and career development is integral to our corporate
culture. We view annual performance reviews as essential
and ensure our employees are offered opportunities to
further develop their skills in key areas.
In 2017, 100% of our employees in the United States
received training and, in the United Kingdom, 90% of our
employees received training.
Throughout 2017, our United States-based employees
received over 25,000 hours of training across a wide range
of programs such as Welmprov, Social and business related
“Lunch & Learns”, Toastmasters, Everyday Management,
Fostering Executive Leadership Coaching, The Gap
Partnerships Negotiations Program, and teambuilding and
empowerment sessions using Facet 5 tools and techniques.
In the United Kingdom, our employees received
approximately 24,650 hours of training. This was achieved
through a number of exciting programs, such as GAP
negotiation training, Management seminars at the Institute
of Management, Unconscious Bias, Oxford Summer School
courses, breakfast/lunch and learns and Italian language
Our employee Learning and Development program also
covers a number of important sustainability areas such
as Occupational Health & Safety, Cyber Crime, Modern
Slavery, Anti-Bribery & Corruption and Environmental
training. In the United States, we also provide our
employees with anti-harassment training.
Westfield’s “WeConnect” program is an internal mentoring
and networking program which creates an opportunity
for all employees to network with senior executives and
other talented individuals across the business. Through
this program, Westfield delivered a year-long Mentoring/
Management program which focused on personal and
professional development.
The program was highly interactive with self-directed
learning experiences, based on real-time, real world
personal and business challenges. They took each Mentee
through three core pillars, Leading Self, Leading Others and
Leading the Business, using well known principles including
Facet 5, MBTI, MSCEIT and Myers Briggs.
As the program progressed the groups were tasked to
identify and work on a business issue, creating actionable
solution proposals to present back to the UK Management
Committee at the end of the year.