Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 38
Four project groups showcased
their business ideas that they had
worked on throughout the program,
demonstrating the significant progress
they had made towards implementing
their solutions.
An online encyclopedia housed on the
Westfield intranet and maintained by all
employees. WeWiki turns information into
useful knowledge.
To create a new destination of interest
by encouraging short term lets and
removing the barriers to retailer on
To provide best in class cycling facilities.
Upgrade existing facilities and launch a
membership scheme that is competitive
and sustainable and that will cater for
existing and future demand.
To increase gender diversity within STEM
departments, we will inspire young women
about STEM career opportunities at
Westfield, by developing and launching a
schools program for young women.
Westfield is committed to supporting
and developing its female employees.
In 2017, 40 female employees from
Westfield UK attended a Women
in Leadership event at London
Business School. This is a premier
European forum for the discussion
and progression of gender diversity
and inclusivity. All attendees had the
opportunity to attend speaker sessions,
panel discussions and workshops
to learn from the successes and
challenges of today’s thought leaders.
In addition to being able to benefit from
the full Learning and Development
program, participants are provided
with the opportunity and exposure to
network with senior executives on key
business initiatives.
Westfield Century City