Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 46
In the United States, as part of the Westfield Veterans Initiative (WVI), we
continued to support military personnel, veterans and their families by providing
direct career development assistance and entrepreneurial opportunities. Ongoing
initiatives included one-on-one mentoring from Westfield employee volunteers to
help veterans transition back into the civilian workforce. As part of this program,
Westfield employees mentored 60 US veterans, contributing over 400 hours of
career support, direction and training.
Veterans Business Showcase: Westfield’s WVI team of volunteers transformed
Westfield Mission Valley in San Diego into a showroom for small business
ventures launched by military veterans and their families. On both July 8th and
November 11th, 2017 – Mission Valley’s Veteran Business Showcase allowed
local military spouses and veteran entrepreneurs to sell their goods and present
their services to our shoppers and the entire community. Partnering with Westfield
was The Rosie Network, a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening
today’s military families by providing veteran and military spouse business owners
with the critical marketing tools, training, and financial resources necessary to
launch and/or grow their small businesses.
“We are honored that Westfield believes strongly in supporting our military
entrepreneurs right here in San Diego by showcasing them at Westfield Mission
Valley. Thanks to Westfield, our military entrepreneurs have a meaningful way
to connect directly with consumers that will create great impact for their small
businesses during and beyond the Veteran Showcase event.
— Stephanie Brown, Founder & CEO of The Rosie Network.
As part of a two-year partnership
with the University of California,
Los Angeles (UCLA) – the
Westfield Scholarship for Emerging
Artists has provided support to
some of the top young student
artists enrolled at the university.
Westfield has continued to partner with the New
Museum in New York City on The Bruce Eagleson
Arts Education Program – with an objective of
enhancing arts education in area public schools
and on increasing access to cultural experiences
for young people more broadly. In collaboration
with cultural institutions and non-profit arts
organisations, the program develops meaningful
partnerships and direct engagement opportunities
in the arts for students and educators.
Education plays a vital role in helping to build communities. For this
reason, Westfield Corporation is committed to providing ongoing
Educational and Mentoring support to local communities.