Westfield Corporation | Sustainability Report 2018 | 51
Westfield London
Job Fair
Whitgift Centre
Teenage Market
Westfield Corporation has a well-established Charitable Donation policy.
The overarching theme of the policy is focused on health, education and
youth support.
In 2017, we contributed over $3.5 million to charities, NGOs, research
institutes, social programs and broader community initiatives. In addition,
Westfield Corporation made more than $929,000 of “in-kind” contributions
and more than $77,000 worth of paid staff time contribution.
Active Community Hub
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Community Investment Jobs
Community Groups Volunteering Opportunities
The value of our community
investment in West London over
the last year is over £200,000 –
this includes financial grants and
value in kind.
In 2017, WorkZone helped
residents find more than 810
jobs and 37 apprenticeships and
complete 147 training courses.
We have helped 25 community
groups to raise awareness
through our charity stand, which
has been valuable for their
awareness and fundraising
In 2017 over 30 local organisations
have been helped through the
Westfield employee volunteering.
Around 150 volunteering
opportunities have been secured
due to their satisfaction with
Westfield volunteers who took part
over the past year.